Customer Support

The proprietary and powerful LIENSAFE software solution digitally accesses a supplier’s or installer’s project data and populates the required information to file project notices according to each applicable state’s unique requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional lien service providers.

Experience Matters

Every state has enacted lien and pre-lien laws designed to ensure suppliers and installers for construction projects receive payments and are also in place to protect property owners from unsubstantiated claims. To preserve their rights to payment, suppliers and installers must issue pre-lien notices to owners, contractors, and sureties at the outset of the project and often at various times during the project.

Notices must include shipment and delivery times, customer and property owner identification, payment amounts and history, surety information and other data as specified by the lien statutes of each state.

Simple Yet Effective

To execute lien notices in-house, the supplier or installer must dedicate an employee to the task and must stay current on each state’s unique requirements. Then, of course, file each lien accurately and in a timely manner. LienSafe allows the firm to outsource the work, where the firm employee gathers and sends or enters the information for each notice in LienSafe to format and issue each required document.